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Always Available. Always On.

Availon is a leading independent service provider to the North American wind industry. We specialize in:

We at Availon don’t just want your wind turbines to continue to run.
We want your turbines to run as efficiently as possible and with maximum availability.
We want to increase your turbines lifespan.
We want to minimize your turbines downtime and maximize your profit.

Availon has more than 200 employees worldwide, with business units in the USA, Germany, Spain, and Italy. Our full-service turbine technicians and engineers have extensive experience with megawatt class wind turbines of almost any make. Based on our expertise and knowledge base, accumulated over 30 years, we offer a unique approach for a service provider: we listen to your problems and analyze your specific challenges. Then we design custom solutions and innovative engineering upgrades that solve reoccurring fault problems and shortcomings.

We are uniquely qualified to help you make the most of your investment because we deliver VALUE:

  • Reliable, comprehensive technical services;
  • Quick turnaround on parts and components from trusted manufacturers;
  • Customer-tailored innovations and the latest technology.