A clear case of improvement.

From tower to blade tips — full refurbishment of a 1.5 MW turbine


  • Full refurbishment of wind turbine including drive train, rotor blades, pitch system, controller, converter and other components
  • Increased difficulty as the gearbox had not been commercially available for some time
  • Updating of systems to the latest technology


  • Developed a repair solution for the gearbox
  • Created an overall solution not requiring dismantling of the machine head, which would have been too costly in this case
  • While the main components were refurbished, other systems, such as converters, brake system, controller and ventilation equipment were upgraded
  • Refurbishment of rotor blades on site
  • Project completed within 4 months


  • Overall costs were nearly half of those quoted by the manufacturer
  • The newly installed condition monitoring system for the main components allows better planning of repairs
  • As a result of the upgrading measures, the turbine achieved a very satisfactory level of technical availability and yield for the owner after refurbishment