A clear case of improvement.

Threat of withdrawal of operating license — replacing of defective obstruction light system


  • The owner of a large wind farm faced the threat of having his operating license withdrawn because of a completely defective obstruction light system
  • The system was a one-off design for which no spare parts were available and which could not be fully reinstalled
  • None of the control cabinets, electrical components and cables, light fixings or components could be reused as part of a new system
  • The AC voltage system and inverter were also not suitable for modern obstruction lights


  • A standard obstruction light system was selected and the individual modification for use in this wind farm was planned
  • Specific light fixings and other system components were designed and produced
  • The control cabinet and electrical connections were designed, built and installed
  • The electrical supply was changed to a modern battery backup system
  • Controller parameters were changed accordingly


  • Despite of the use of specific components, the owner was provided with a solution of an obstruction light system for which spare parts are freely available
  • The threatened withdrawal of the operating license was prevented
  • The general updating of the system ensures a reliable operation and high level of availability